Build of the Month - Dec 2023 - Josh's Hilux

Build of the Month - Dec 2023 - Josh's Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a proven vehicle which maintains good resale value, and will reliably do 300,000km without missing a beat. That’s one of the reasons it is great to see it used as the platform for our build of the month this month.  This build has delivered a very capable all round tourer which will support almost any adventure.

Josh came to Solve Offroad wanting to turn his new Hilux into a capable touring rig. He was aware of Solve because of the good reputation we have developed in Sydney, and he chose us because he'd seen another Hilux build we had done which impressed him.

One of the great things Josh loved about the build was the communication. "It was more than easy" he said when asked about how the build process was.  "The guys were constantly communicating and constantly providing updates, which made the build easy, but also allowed us to easily navigate some of the minor changes which happen with a build like this". 


To improve ground clearance, suspension performance and travel, we installed our custom SOLVE developed FOX suspension kit. This provided a 2.5” lift over factory suspension, and included upgraded upper control arms to ensure correct front end geometry. We recommended our Fox 2.0 Internal Floating Piston because of its strong fade resistance, but also because it offers outstanding performance at a price point which represents great value for money. We added 500KG constant load leaf springs from Tough Dog in the rear to support the FOX shocks given the overall weight of the build.


Tyres were upgraded from the factory spec to Falken Wildpeak A/T’s in a 285/70/17, on a Fuel Block wheel, which gave approximately 25mm in ride height gain.


We recommended a Rock Solid canopy for this build because we believe it to be an incredibly strong and well made product. The client trusted us and decided to run with a compact canopy w/square headboard, which helps keep weight nicely balanced. They fell in love with it, and it is one of their favourite mods on the build. Josh said that "Rock Solid just doesn't do justice to the quality of fit and finish of this canopy. I'm beyond stoked."

Solve Offroad are the NSW distributor and installer for Rock Solid Trays and Canopies


The canopy has been fitted out with an Enerdrive "Adventurer" 12V system which maximises the useable space in the canopy, offering 200AH of Lithium power, and a 2000W inverter to run the built-in Safiery Induction Cooker. It also features a very efficient Bushmans 85L upright fridge, which has plenty of room to keep Josh's beers and food ice cold.  He also opted for a pantry drawer which gives him plenty of space to keep snacks and other dry food. The rigght side of the canopy was left open to allow Josh to get a few trips under his belt before deciding on whether further drawers were worthwhile.  He used on of his undertray storage boxes to fit an ARB twin compressor which makes airing up his tyres a breeze after a hard day on the tracks.



A Pioneer Platform was added to the roof to provide space to carry bulky items like swags or an Oztent, and allowing a rooftop tent to be installed on top of the canopy at a later date.


On the front end, the client opted for an Offroad Animal bulbar which was custom colour coded in two tones to match the black and white of the vehicle. The bar gives great front end clearance, comes with recovery points, underbody protection, and the full-hoop style gives excellent protection from animal strikes. Fitted in behind the bar is a Drivetech 9,500 pound, 2 speed winch to help make sure that Josh can get himself out of trouble if he gets stuck while travelling alone. 

Lighting has been enhanced with the combination of an integrated Stedi 22 inch Lightbar in the bulbar, paired with a set of Stedi type X Sport driving lights. The wide beam provided by the lightbar is very well complimented by the distance and power of the spotlights, providing excellent distance and width at night.



To complete the external modifications, the client has fitted a black Phatbars Snorkel and sliders. The snorkel helps the engine breathe better by collecting air from higher off the ground, while the sliders will protect the sills and lower sections of the doors from damage on tougher tracks.



Internally, the client has fitted a 5W GME Radio, using a pass through socket into the factory switch bank, which provides a very clean and neat install, and is a great choice for reliable CB communications. They opted for a set of Black Duck Canvas Seatcovers in Black to protect the interior, along with a set of Truefit 3D floormats to help protect the carpet.

Under the bonnet, we installed a Torqit 3” exhaust and re-map to provide a reliable increase in performance. 

Why we love this build


This Hilux build is a great combination of form and function. It is not only a great looking truck, but it has been fitted with quality gear all round, enabling it to do everything well. It is a very capable tourer which which is comfortable to drive every day, capable of driving tough tracks to get to that special location, and will make long distance touring enjoyable and easy. It is a very balanced build which will provide strong all round performance.

We’re very confident that this setup will provide years off reliable service to our customer and that it meets their build requirement perfectly, and after following up with Josh, he agrees!

Josh will be heading up towards Hawks Nest on his next adventure in the Hilux, and then has a number of trips planned after that, including to central NSW.  We hope that he shares some pics of this weapon in action.

Custom builds like this take months of planning to get right, and that is before we actually start the build itself! If you are thinking of undertaking a build like this, we strongly recommend that you contact us at least 3 months before you are expecting delivery of your vehicle so that we can help you get the build right.


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