• Full Hooped Bars

    These bars offer the greatest level of protection, but are also generally the heaviest. We can supply with brush bars as well in most cases and colour code to your vehicle.

  • Stealth Style Bars

    These are a minimalist style bullbar, which provides improved protection for your vehicle, but is less obtrusive than a full size bar, and generally a bit lighter.

  • Bumper replacement bars

    These bullbars are designed to replace the OEM Bumper with minimal modifications and cutting to the front of the vehicle. They provide additional protection with a minimum of wieght increase, and an understated look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install other brands?

Yes we can. Ask us for a quote.

Can you colour code the bar to my car?

Yes, in most cases we can. Ask us for details and costs.

How long does an install take?

The time taken varies by the tpe of bar, but we will need your vehicle for at least a day to complete the install. We'll confirm when your order is complete and we know if you are also installing other accessories at the same time.

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