Custom Builds

Solve Offroad specialise in building capable off-road tourers. We build most makes and models and can help you scope and build your vehicle. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our builds and designing them so that they get you there and back safely.

The build process

At Solve Off-road, we can help you unlock the capability of your vehicle, whether that is a 79 Series, 300 Series, Y62, Jeep, Hilux, Ranger, or a DMAX or Jimny. The key is to engage us early in the process so we can provide the right advice, and so that we can help you make the right decision with regards to pre or post registration upgrades.

Once you engage us, we can help you scope and manage the build.  That means one point of contact for the build, one point of call if you have any issues during or after the build, and the benefit of our expertise through the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I engage you in the process?

Ideally you should reach out at the earliest stage in the build process, even before the vehicle arrives. This provides you with national certification options, and means we have the time to really pan the build for the best outcome.

Do I have to do the complete build at once?

No, you can stage the build if it better suits your budget or needs. However, it is important that you start with a view of what the final build will look like, so that we can plan appropriately to make sure that your vehicle is setup correctly at each stage, and we also minimise changes or issues at the end.

How long does it take to complete a custom build?

Great question! It is like asking how long is a piece of string. The time taken for a build can be anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on complexity, availability of parts etc. However, the planning process of the build can take 3-6 months before the final build scope is agreed. We work with you through the process, and will use our expertise to help challenge you on your decisions to make sure that you get the most capable, fit for purpose build that is possible.

How do I start the process?

This is the easy part. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We can discuss your requirements, and arrange a meeting to scope your build in detail.

Why should I use Solve for my build?

The reason you would choose Solve for your custom build is our expertise and capability. We can help project manage the build so that you have one point of contact to speak to throughout the process, which avoids you being passed off to several different installers for various parts of the build if something goes wrong.

In addition to that though, we have a reputation for the quality of builds that we put together, and an unrelenting focus on making capable, reliable upgrades to 4WD's.

This experience allows us to challenge you on your ideas for the build to make sure that you understand the tradeoffs when it comes to certain parts of your build, but also really unlock the purpose for what you are trying to achieve.

Ultimately, this engagement process will allow you to make a more informed choice about the build you are doing, and that means a better outcome for your build.

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