Second Stage Manufacturing and GVM

Second Stage Manufacturing and GVM

With the increasing number of accessories available for modern 4WDs and the desire to take everything including the kitchen sink away touring it’s becoming more and more common for vehicles to exceed their GVM limit.  At Solve Offroad we see it all the time where customer's vehicles are getting heavier and heavier and thus available payload is minimal or non existent.  Exceeding the GVM of your vehicle is not only a safety risk and dangerous, you could also find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you were unlucky enough to have something go wrong.

There’s a number of ways to get a GVM upgrade for your vehicle however one growing significantly in popularity is the Second Stage of Manufacture (SSM) approval.  Commonly referred to as ‘Pre Rego’, SSM approvals are only available for a brand new vehicle that has never been registered, the SSM takes a base vehicle and applies a new approval to the vehicle that allows for greater axle loads, GVM and sometimes include modifications to GCM, axles housings, track widths, wheel bases, chassis length or even a wagon to ute conversion.image-jpeg

SSM actually reclassifies the vehicle, making the modifications made to it ‘standard’ before it is registered

GVM upgrades through SSM are based on the fitment of heavy duty suspension and drivetrain components.  These upgrades are tested by suppliers and their engineers to ensure compliance to Australian Design Rules and then approved by the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Vehicles based on stricter testing and engineering requirements.  The ADRs affected by a GVM upgrade are substantial and the testing process is often costly, complicated and time consuming.  Testing includes computer modelling of load carrying components as well as detailed track testing to ensure the correct handling and operation of the vehicle.

Vehicles are then built by Solve Offroad using listed and required components to match these approvals.  Whilst we offer a range of approved SSM GVM builds for different vehicles and various GVM Increases, there is little flexibility in the build components as these are prescribed by the approval. 


Solve Offroad can facilitate the suspension and driveline upgrade of your new vehicle and then complete the certification for the SSM.  We can even assist with the registration process by providing weigh bridge tickets and the required Blue Slip Inspections and Registration Papers.  Once your vehicle is complied under the SSM approval we can then complete the rest of your vehicle build to ensure you have the vehicle of your dreams and the GVM to carry around everything you have dreamed of!

Solve Offroad offers SSM GVM upgrades from a number of leading suppliers in the industry including:
- Marks 4WD: Toyota LC79 Potal Axle Conversions
- DMW: Toyota LC300, LC79. Nissan Patrol Y62, Jeep Gladiator and Ford Ranger coming soon.
- Tough Dog Suspension offers SSM GVMs for a range of modern vehicles including RAM 1500, Isuzu DMAX, Mazda BT-50, Suzuki Jimny, Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser 78, 79 and 300.

The Team at Solve can advise you what option would be best for your needs.  Remember, this has to be done prior to first registering your vehicle and they do take some organising so make sure you get in touch early in your purchasing decisions so we can get you sorted.

Advantages of SSM GVM Upgrades:
- As SSM Approvals are carried out prior to the vehicle’s first registration, they are recognised Nationally and the vehicle registration can be transferred from state to state with no need to re engineer the vehicle.  Additionally if the vehicle is deregistered / re registered the approval will still be valid.
- Compliance costs for SSM approvals tend to be lower than post registration GVM upgrades as compliance costs are generally lower
- Usually, a GCM upgrade is included with the GVM upgrade resulting in your vehicle being able to achieve full braked towing capacity at full GVM.
- SSM GVM upgrades tend to allow for larger KG upgrades than corresponding post registration GVM upgrades.

Disadvantages of SSM GVM Upgrades:
- If your vehicle has been registered in any State or Territory then an SSM GVM cannot be obtained. SSM is only available for brand new vehicles, which have not ever been registered.
- If your vehicle has any accessories, included dealer accessories fitted pre delivery these may need to be removed or an SSM may not be able to be obtained.
- You need to work with a dealer that allows GVM upgrades pre registration and will allow enough time for Solve Offroad to complete the work prior to registration.  We can recommend some great dealerships if required.

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